Antalya has a full range of lodgings, from luxury palace hotels through charming, historic inns to simple but clean and cheap pensions and hostels.

Most Antalya hotels, from 1- to 5-star, offer rooms with private bathrooms, and include breakfast in the rates. Here are the ratings by the national Ministry of Tourism, and price ranges for double (two-person) rooms:

5-star hotels (US$135-250 + up): expected luxury and all services. Worldwide chains (Hilton, Sheraton, Kempinski, etc) tend to be smoother but substantially more expensive than the local Turkish chains (Dedeman, Divan, Merit, etc), which offer a bit less class but better value. Breakfast is definitely not included in the normal rates (although it may be in package deals), and costs an amazing US$20 extra in many cases.

4-star hotels (US$75-$150): very comfortable local hotels, independent or small Turkish chains, with multilingual staff, nice restaurant and bar, air conditioning, and good breakfast, etc.

3-star hotels (US$40-90): comfortable, with satellite TV, minibars, perhaps even a swimming pool or nightclub in smaller cities and resorts.

2-star hotels (US$25-60): good value! May have TVs in rooms, or just a TV lounge; some pretensions to decor, decent breakfast.

1-star hotels (US$15-30): great value for the budget-minded; simple, homey, often like a European pension. Not a lot of services, just clean room and bath, and sometimes a simple breakfast.

No-star hotels (US$8-15 for two people): the smallest, cheapest, simplest local hotels are rated by the municipal authorities. These spartan places often have rooms with only beds and a light bulb; a communal cold-water sink and shower are down the hall; a hot shower (if available) costs extra. No breakfast available. If you’re traveling on a starvation budget, they’re good. No-star places in a city may be funky or grim; in seaside resorts they’re often friendly and convenient.

Inns: luckily for us visitors, Antalya has lots of special places to stay that don’t fit easily into the other categories: Ottoman mansion inns, historic houses, boutique hotels, Cappadocian cave dwellings, etc. These often have loads of character, and at least some modern comforts, and are priced accordingly, anywhere from $50 to $150 double and occasionally higher.

Hostels: Antalya has several excellent hostels of the new type: not the spartan, puritan youth and hikers’ barracks of the past but comfortable, congenial, low-cost, high-enjoyment lodgings targeted at adventurous travelers of all ages, but primarily youth. The many services may include Internet access, bars and lounges, and even belly-dance shows.